Everything in one place. 
For capturing, writing and thinking.

Gather is an everyday digital notebook for collecting your thoughts, notes and inspiration.

Everything in one place. 
For capturing, writing and thinking.

We started working on Gather in 2009 as a passion project. Back then, we experimented on a countless number of ideas and concepts for a tool centered around writing and creativity. We were driven mostly by the fun and joy of creating tools for ourselves - tools that we felt represented how we thought. We started working on this tool again in 2023 because we felt like many of those ideas we explored over 10 years ago still felt relevant and unique today. We're excited to share some of these ideas with you over the next few months and hope you might find them useful.

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Gather's Notebook is a beautiful, simple and visual place that prioritizes the notes that matter most to you. It takes a number of cues from your favourite, everyday paper notebook.


The Journal is both a place for daily long-form writing, but also for capturing those thoughts you have randomly throughout the day that you need to jot down quickly before they dissipate.


A place to collect and organize your inspiration. Use our browser and mobile extensions to save links, photos, and videos from your favourite websites and apps.