Journal ThoughtsThe Journal is designed both for daily long-form writing, but also for those times when you have a thought and need to quickly put it somewhere.

Library The Library is place to collect and organize your inspiration, including your links, photos, and videos from your favourite websites and apps.

Journal Calendar + NavigationUse gestures (iOS) and arrow keys (Mac) to quickly navigate across time. Of course, you can bring up the Calendar at anytime to jump to a specific date.

Search JournalQuickly search for anything across thousands of your journal entries, instantly. Use Cmd + K on macOS to bring up the search view right away.

Focus ModeWhen using the Journal, you can enter focus mode to write distraction-free

Your Daily Word CountCheckout your word count at anytime for a given day by opening up the Action menu.

Export and Import your ThoughtsYour data is portable. You can import and export your journal entries at any time - in either CSV or Markdown format (macOS only, iOS support coming soon).

Privacy MattersYour data is stored privately in your personal iCloud account. It is encrypted in transit and stored in an encrypted format at rest. No one else (including our team) has access to your data except for you.

Library SearchSearch the photos, videos and links in your Library

iOS + Mac Share ExtensionUse the Gather iOS and Mac Share Extension to save photos, videos and links to your Gather Library. Access it anywhere you see a share sheet.

Tag your MediaAdd tags to your photos, videos and links to make finding them easier

Use Gestures in the LibrarySwipe and pinch to zoom through the items in your Library