Journal ThoughtsThe Journal is designed both for daily long-form writing, but also for those times when you have a thought and need to quickly put it somewhere.

Journal Calendar + NavigationUse gestures (iOS) and arrow keys (Mac) to quickly navigate across time. Of course, you can bring up the Calendar at anytime to jump to a specific date.

Search JournalQuickly search for anything across thousands of your journal entries, instantly. Use Cmd + K on macOS to bring up the search view right away.

Focus ModeWhen using the Journal, you can enter focus mode to write distraction-free

Your Daily Word CountCheckout your word count at anytime for a given day by opening up the Action menu.

Export and Import your ThoughtsYour data is portable. You can import and export your journal entries at any time - in either CSV or Markdown format (macOS only, iOS support coming soon).